Homeless Guy Honestly Returns Lost Wallet To Respective Owner

Homeless Guy Lauded by Netizens For Honestly Returning Lost Wallet To Owner

A homeless guy earns praises from the online community after he honestly returned the lost wallet he found to its respective owner.

Recently, a Facebook user named Charlon Ignacio has shared the photos of a homeless guy who shows honestly after returning the lost wallet he found to its owner. the guy received praise from the netizens.

Ignacio said that he lost his money after he accidentally dropped it somewhere near Marikina Bayan BPI. He tried to find his wallet and found out that parking attendant picked up his wallet and tried to find him.

Homeless Guy

Eventually, Charlon met the honest man identified as Jheonathan Romasanta who is working as a “barker” at Ministop. Romansanta is jobless, homeless, and currently suffering from an illness called Thyroid disease.

The homeless guy proves that the faith in humanity is restored and he choose to be honest despite his need of money amid the enhanced community quarantine. He returned the money despite his needs of food and medicine.

Homeless Guy

Here is the full post:

I went to Marikina Bayan BPI to withdraw cash. When I arrived home, I noticed that my wallet is missing. I may have dropped it somewhere near the parking area. So, I went back immediately to the atm station and parking hoping that my wallet is still there. It wasn’t in the parking nor at the atm station. There is a ministop beside the atm station so I asked the person inside if there is a CCTV camera outside the store. Suprisingly, the man knew my name because he said that the barker/parking attendant picked up my wallet and was trying to find me in the store. He gave me a small piece of paper with a guy’s name and a number. He said the guy, together with the barker returned my wallet at the nearby police station. I was so happy when I found out that a good samaritan wanted to return my wallet. I went to police station and they gave it back to me. They were already searching for me in facebook to message me about my missing wallet. 😂 Kudos to our policemen in Marikina!

I called the number and met with the good samaritan and the guy who returned my wallet. The good samaritan, Jheonathan Romasanta is a parking attendant at ministop. He is JOBLESS, HOMELESS and ILL (he has a Thyroid disease) and YET STILL DECIDED to return my wallet. Ni hindi pumasok sa isip nya na kunin na lang yung wallet ko para pambili nya ng pagkain or gamot. 😢😭 God bless you Kuya! I know the Lord will return the blessings to you at alam ko na higit pa yun sa laman ng wallet ko. 😂

I also want to shout out to Emmanuel Villegas. When Jheonathan picked up my wallet, unknowingly, he was being observed by Emmanuel and wanted to check his move. When he found out that Jheonathan wanted to return my wallet,
he bought him food, OFFERED him a job and accompanied him to police station to return my wallet. Thank you Sir and God bless you too!

God, You really amaze me today. 😭 Thank You for this experience. May You bless these people. You make me realize that despite of what’s happening now, there is still really good in this world. To God be the glory! 

PS: I make this post public for everyone who wants to share it. Jheonathan also wants this post to be seen by his brother, Gerald Romasanta. Sana makarating sa kanya.

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Homeless Guy

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