Facebook Faces Revived Lawsuit For Violating Users’ Privacy Rights

Facebook Faces Revived Lawsuit For Violating Users’ Privacy Rights

FACEBOOK – Facebook Inc will face a revived lawsuit from the federal appeals court for violating users’ rights.

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This is due to their tracking the users’ internet activity even after they logged out of the platform, according to an article by ABS-CBN News.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals said that the users of the social media giant’s platform could pursue with several claims under federal and California privacy and wiretapping laws.

The giant’s spokeswoman, however, said that the aimed class action was without merit and it will still maintain their ground.

Users accused the company for quietly storing cookies on their browsers when they go to other websites with like buttons and sell their personal profiles based on their browsing histories to advertisers.

District Judge Edward Davila dismissed the lawsuit in 2017, which includes claims under the federal Wiretap Act, saying that the users lacked legal stanging to pursue economic damages claims.

However, on Thursday, Chief Judge Sidney Thomas said to a panel that users had a reasonable expectation of privacy and had enough alleged a clear invasion of their right to privacy.

As per the report, the panel also added that the California law saw a right to retrieve unjustly earned profits, whether or not a defendant’s conduct directly caused economic harm.

“Facebook’s user profiles would allegedly reveal an individual’s likes, dislikes, interests, and habits over a significant amount of time, without affording users meaningful opportunity to control or prevent the unauthorized exploration of their private lives,”

Thomas noted the platform’s data use policy that the plaintiffs alleged that the company set an expectation that logged out user data would not becollected, yet they do so anyway.

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