Facebook Mind Games: Answers Revealed To Stop The Viral Posts

Facebook Mind Games have become a trend

A lot of netizens are enjoying solving the Facebook mind games that have become viral as well as on other social media sites.

Photos with objects and numbers have been circulating online encouraging netizens to give the right answer. Different kinds of mind games caught the attention of the online community now especially that most areas in the world are in community quarantine.

facebook mind games

Many got hooked as they have more time to spend thinking about the answer or asking who already got the correct one. Several netizens also shared these kinds of post.

With more time for social media, people at home have been trying their best to solve the mind games. However, Facebook Page Claudsixsey Stuff revealed the answers of several mind games with the hope that netizens would stop this trend already.

“GUYS!! PALIKALAT NIYO NGA TO. NAKAKASAWA NA EH. (laugh emojis) PARA MATAPOS NANG KAGULUHAN NA TO (laugh emojis),” the caption of the post stated.

The post provided the answer in each mind game with an encouragement to netizens to stop the viral posts. As of press time, the revelation of the said Facebook Page has already had 6 thousand reactions, 2.3 thousand comments, and 56 thousand shares.


This post received various comments. Some Facebook users commented with images of other mind games circulating online that are included there while some appeared to be challenging the FB Page to also provide answers to other mind games.

On the other hand, thers have these comments:

“Kill joy nman gumawa nyan cngot n .. okey nga yun at m train utak sa logic at enjoy din namn…kesa sa p cute n” – ReYn Dimas-Usmanova 

“Epal gumawa nyan.. anung gusto mo gawin tiktok nalang?? Mas mabuti nga yan at naaalog at nahahasa ulit mga tulog na utak eh..” – Rachelle Ann

What can you say about this?

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