Pitiful Photo of Man w/ Child Under a Bridge amid Community Quarantine

Netizens’ attention was caught by this pitiful photo of a man with a child

The pitiful photo of a man with a child sleeping under a bridge amid the enhanced community quarantine caught the attention of several netizens.

Due to the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the Philippine government had to implement the EQC. Following this, complications arose within the community especially for those who are just depending on their daily wages.

Aside from this, several homeless people have nowhere to go unlike those who can follow orders to stay at home. Public and private sectors somehow addressed this issue but some homeless on the streets did not immediately followed this order from the government.

Photo credit: Panay News

It is also inevitable that the government receive complaints regarding the enhanced community quarantine, especially that President Rodrigo Duterte recently announced that it will be extended until April 30.

Some are complaining that they have stayed long enough at their homes and they want the normal situation to return. However, a post on the Hashtag Trending Facebook Page called out to those who have a better situation at home. The photo showed a man lying on a floating black bag and a sack under a bridge.

pitiful photo of man with child
Photo credit: Hashtag Trending FB Page

It can be seen that the man who appeared to be sleeping was hugging a sleeping child also. Based on the caption, the location where the photo was taken was unknown, however, a netizen commented that it appeared it was under a bridge in Divisoria.

“Shared post only nakita ko lng po sa timeline di ko lang po alam kung saang lugar ito , pero naisip ko lng po na sa kabila ng kinakaharap natin sila po yung taong gustong maging safe habang yung ibang kababayan natin nag papasaway di po ba?” the caption stated.

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