Duterte Warned Corrupt Officials Who Take Advantage of COVID-19 Aid

Duterte Warned Corrupt Officials Who Take Advantage of COVID-19 Aid

President Rodrigo Duterte warned corrupt officials who take advantage and abuse their powers in distributing COVID-19 aid for constituents.

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March 30, Monday evening, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte made his 5th televised public address. He addresses the nation amid the novel coronavirus pandemic that brought about the Luzon-wide lockdown.

In his address, Duterte warned public officials would face arrest if they will dip into the budget of the relief good and aid to the residents who are affected by coronavirus. He would detain whoever politicizes the distribution of either money or relief goods until the COVID-19 pandemic had ended, as based on the report of Cebu Daily News.

“I told them: Not now. Don’t cheat, steal, and keep food [that is intended for the public] and not distribute it to some. Because you know, people sometimes think that they own whatever they receive from the government. This is not yours. Neither is it mine,” Duterte said in an address delivered partly in Filipino.

“But if you play politics and I find out that’s what you did, I will suspend you. And for those who are really absconding with the money, I will detain you. Maybe I will release you after COVID ends,” he added.

Many local government units began distributing assistance to their constituents, usually in the form of food packs, after imposing improved community quarantine.

The distribution of aid would prioritize those whose livelihoods were affected by the stringent quarantine, which stopped business operations, public transportation, except for essentials such as hospitals, drug stores, and supermarkets.

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