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Violators Of Social Distancing In Singapore To Face Jail Time

SOCIAL DISTANCING VIOLATORS – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, one thing has always been emphasized by health experts – adhere to social distancing.

Through social distancing, the spread of the new coronavirus reduces dramatically. Previously, a COVID-19 patient in South Korea who failed to adhere to social distancing was linked to 80% of the country’s cases.

As such, social distancing has been an integral part of containing the viral threat. In some countries, a lockdown had already been imposed to force residents into staying indoors.

Social Distancing Violators To Be Imprisoned In Singapore
Image from: Voice Of America

Meanwhile, Singapore made it an offense to intentionally stand near another person. Additionally, violators may find themselves faced with jail time and a fine.

In terms of handling the coronavirus outbreak, Singapore had received international praise for its measures against COVID-19.

Moreover, according to an article from ABS-CBN, Singapore had also imposed a 10-person limit to gatherings outside work, schools, and large events. Additionally, residents are required to be 1 meter apart from each other in a public place.

Those who violate the law can be fined up to S$10,000 or $6,990 USD. Along with this, violators may be jailed for up to 6 months or even be sentenced with both.

As per the report, the new law would be enforced until April 30, 2020. With other countries such as Italy imposing a lockdown, Singapore has avoided the measure thanks to its strict implementation of rules.

Currently, there are 525,807 cases of COVID-19 infections worldwide. Along with this, 23,714 have died due to the virus. Meanwhile, 123,329 have recovered.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, there have been 683 reported infections to date.

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