Wuhan Finds New Coronavirus Cases Despite Official Reports

Wuhan Still Finds New Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases Daily

NO NEW CASES IN WUHAN? – Recently, reports say that Wuhan had no new coronavirus cases, however, a whistle-blower official finds new asymptomatic cases daily.

The world celebrated as China reported a steady decline in the number of COVID-19 cases. Moreover, the epicenter of the outbreak in China reported little to no new domestic cases of COVID-19.

But, according to Caixin Global, a local media outlet in China, this might not be the case. The outlet stated that a member of the infectious disease prevention and control team in the city continued to report over a dozen “asymptomatic or infected individuals”.

Wuhan Finds New Coronavirus Cases Despite Official Reports
Image from: Business Insider

These are the people who were tested positive for the coronavirus but do not show symptoms of the disease. Furthermore, the member of the coronavirus prevention unit stated that those individuals were excluded from official state records.

Due to privacy reasons, the member who asked not to be named stated that the asymptomatic cases were found through contact tracing. Additionally, they were discovered through screening quarantine workers who had “high risks of infection”.

According to the report, the whistle-blower member said:

It’s not possible at the moment to tell if transmission has stopped

Wuhan was at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in China. It was believed that the city was ground zero for the viral outbreak, however, this has been debated.

Experts suggested that the viral outbreak may have come from wildlife such as bats. Due to illegal poaching practices, the virus might have transferred from poachers who might have spread it in a food market in Wuhan.

Currently, Italy has become the new coronavirus epicenter with hundreds of new cases reported daily.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization’s Director-General stated that the coronavirus pandemic was clearly accelerating. He added that a plan of attack was needed.

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