First Filipino Who Has Recovered From COVID-19 Shares Experience

The first Filipino who has recovered from COVID-19 shared this

Carlo Navarro, the first Filipino who has recovered from novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) shared his experience.

In an interview on ABS-CBN News Channel with host Karen Davila, Navarro shared what he went through when he tested positive for COVID-19. The 48-year old coronavirus survivor said that he has no underlying medical condition.

Navarro said that he started suspecting that he already has the COVID-19 symptoms, seven days after his trip to Japan when he was chilling and coughing. “The dry cough was really bad and that indicated to me that I might have gotten the virus,” he shared.

first filipino recovered from COV
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On the other hand, he said that his fever was not too high and it was just around 37.9 C when he went to St. Luke’s Medical Center. Then, Navarro went to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) and his temperature reached 38.5 C on his 5th day in the facility.

He also shared that he did not experience sore throat which is common to many COVID-19 patients. Around March 4, Navarro said that he wanted to get tested but he was told in St. Luke’s that it was not needed since he did not come from a hotspot country and his symptoms were mild.

However, he insisted and on the evening on the said day the Department of Health called him and told him that he needed to be brought to RITM. The health department told him that he tested positive for COVID-19.

During his quarantine and treatment, Navarro said in the interview that in the first three days started to disappear. However, on the 5th day, he started having diarrhea and his cough went back, as well as his fever. A day after that, he was told pneumonia started to develop.

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