Italy Lockdown: People Play Instruments, Sing Opera Amid COVID-19

Italians have this brighter approach to Italy lockdown due to COVID-19

Italy Lockdown – While under lockdown, Italians found a way to still be cheerful amid the COVID-19 threat in their country.

Amid these trying times in different parts of the world, people have exhibited various reactions to what is happening. Some are panicking while some are dealing with the situation calmly.

italy lockdown
screenshot from Twitter videos

Calm as it is, some Italians showed that somehow hope can be found in this difficult part of many people’s lives. On the official Twitter account of NBC News, a video was shared showing that a woman was singing opera from a balcony. A man beside her was playing the violin.

It can be seen that other residents in the area went out of their balcony and they applauded the performance. The video, as of the press time, already reached almost 50 thousand views and more than 2000 likes and 600 retweets.

Several netizens who commented on this video felt inspired and thanked the woman for her beautiful performance. “Meanwhile we complain and blame…thank you for the beautiful example Italy…Peace to all,” Twitter user @mort0125 commented.

In another video that circulated on the micro-blogging site, Italians from different housed played instruments and sing together. From outside each other’s windows, these residents played a joyful song.

As of press time, the said video already has 4.1 million views, 4 thousand retweets, and more than 13 thousand likes. Here are some comments from netizens.

“Why does this make me feel so happy?” – Twitter user @liversedge

“This is so touching. When we allow ourselves to simply be human, something truly beautiful emerges.” – Twitter user @creyonline

“We also need to realize that the panicking that happens does not set a good example of leadership and communication. We need to be rationale and learn, educate others, and be considerate. ” – Twitter user @WhiffleWhaffles

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