Amid the COVID-19 threat, Gary Valenciano shares his heartwarming rendition of this song

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano shares this inspiring song to everyone amid the 2019 novel coronavirus threat.

Gary is one of those celebrities who have been posting prayers and inspiring messages in the midst of this trying time. Just recently, he shared his latest rendition of the song Take Me Out Of The Dark which he released in 1988.

Gary Valenciano shares inspiring song
screenshot from Gary’s YouTube video

In the raw video that he posted on his YouTube channel, Gary wrote also an inspiring message to everyone. He said that this situation “can serve as a way of drawing us to Him.”

“This may be a personal crossroad for many who have often relied on science and medicine; both are struggling to find a cure for CoViD19. I strongly but humbly encourage you to take the path that leads to Him,” Gary said.

The OPM icon added, “No, my friend, this isn’t about religion but something far deeper. It’s life as we know it today and many changes have come with it. But He has remained the same yesterday, today, and will remain the same forever.”

gary valenciano
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The singer also said that he is praying for scientists and doctors who never get tired of offering their services and findng solutions.

Gary Valenciano shares also that he is hoping that through the song that he wrote years ago, people would somehow find peace and hope.

Several netizens commented on this.

“Very timely message of this song… Let us continue to pray that everything will be fine and God is our refuge and strength” – Lindsay Lane Tresvalles

“I cried listening to this now after not hearing this song for a very long time..” – imwithyoubuddy

What a song! This always speak for me. Thank you for sharing this and the passages in between. Glad to be reminded of His words and promises in times like this. Thank you and God bless you always!” – Mary Caroline Virtucio

Watch the video.

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