Us Again Movie Review: Reconnecting the Past From The Present

Here is the movie review of ‘Us Again’ from Regal Films

Us Again Movie Review – This movie is from Regal Films featuring Kapamilya stars Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing.

The movie showed a complicated love triangle. Marge (Jane Oineza) and Anne (Sarah Edwards) became best friends when they shared and they pursue their dream to become a doctor. Then, Mike (RK Bagatsing) entered the scene of their friendship because he is the boyfriend of Anne.

us again movie review
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When Anne introduced Mike to Marge, that was not the first time that the latter met her best friend’s boyfriend. For several years, Marge has been keeping the feeling of admiration towards Mike because they actually shared a connection in the past. The complications even hyped up when Marge and Mike spent a night together.

Ro Manalo, a movie critic from Cosmo, stated in her review that Us Again started great. It was established that the present lives of the characters have painful pasts. Then, glimpses of the past were shown as to how Marge and Mike met and how they drifted apart.

Then, the scenes became complicated and for Manalo, there were certain places in the movie that wasn’t necessary at all. Additionally, the twists in the film which should be a plus factor became nuisances. According to the movie critic, it felt like the movie has so many writers with various ideas and just decided to connect the parts.

She added that the promising premise did not justify the “too many loose ends and pieces of the puzzle that just did not come together for this movie.” On the other hand, Manalo commended the realistic performance of Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing who had good onscreen chemistry. She just wished that the actor’s character in Us Again was better developed.

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