BREAKING NEWS: Chinese National Shot in Makati Restaurant

33-Year-Old Chinese National Shot in Restaurant in Makati

CHINESE NATIONAL – A 33-year-old Chinese identified as Yin Jian Tao was shot in a restaurant in Makati.

Different unfortunate incidents are happening in the different areas everyday. Some of these are accidents or happened unintentionally while others were really planned out by suspects.

In every incident, a family is always left seeking for justice – and to some, grieving over the loss of a loved one. Thorough investigations had to be done to identify the cause.

Recently, in Makati, another unfortunate incident took place. It involved a person of foreign race.

Chinese National

Based on a report in ABS-CBN News, a Chinese national was shot in a restaurant in Makati City. The incident specifically took place at N. Garcia Street in Barangay Bel Air.

The victim was identified as Yin Jian Tao. According to the report, the body of the 33-year-old Chinese was found on the ground with another victim, Zheng Kai.

Kai, 25 years old, was left wounded by the incident. According to the report, there are three (3) suspects in the incident and two (2) of them, the 32-year-old Yang Chao Wen and the 29-year-old Liang Yuan Wu, were arrested.

Also, the authorities were able to seize the bag of the suspects which contain the Php 345,000.00 cash of the victim. They are eyeing to robbery as the motive of the suspects.

Currently, the investigation is still ongoing. According to Police Colonel Rogelio Simon, the police is still looking for the other suspect. More updates may be posted soon.

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