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What Are The Impacts Of Drought? Meaning And Impacts

IMPACTS OF DROUGHT – In this topic, we are going to learn and identify the meaning, as well as the following impacts of drought.

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Drought, by definition, is a prolonged period of unusually low rainfall, which leads to a shortage of water. It is synonymous to dry spell, dry period, lack of rain, and more. This could be atmospheric, in surface water, or ground water.


According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, it has impacts on the aspects of economy, environment, and society. Here are the following:

  • Economy
    • Farmers lose money if it destroys their crops
    • Low water supply forces farmers to spend more money on irrigation or to drill new wells.
    • Ranchers spend more money on food and water for animals.
    • Farm-dependent businesses may be lost when it damages crops or livestock.
    • Workers in the timber industry may be affected when it causes wildfires.
    • Boat and fishing company may be unable to sell some of their goods because it dried up lakes and water sources.
    • Power companies relying on hydroelectric power are urged to spend more money on other fuel sources.
    • Water companies spend money on new or more water supplies.
    • Barges and ships will have a hard time navigating streams, rivers, and canals because of low water levels.
    • People are prompted to pay more for food and water.
  • Environment
    • Losses or destruction of fish and wildlife habitat
    • Lack of food and water to drink for animals
    • Wild animals may be prone to diseases due to reduced food and water supplies
    • Wildlife migration
    • Species might be on the verge of extinction
    • Lower water levels in reservoirs, lakes, and ponds
    • Losses of wetlands and more wildfires
    • Soil erosion via wind and water
    • Poor quality of soil
  • Society
    • Anxiety or depression on economic loses
    • Health problems affiliated with low water flows, poor water quality, and dust
    • Loss of human life
    • Threat to public safety due to an increase to forest and range fires.
    • Income reduction
    • People will move from farms to cities or from one city to another.
    • Fewer recreational activities.

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