Risa Hontiveros Exposes ‘Pastillas’ Modus Allows Entry of Chinese Nationals to PH

‘Pastillas’ Modus Allows Entry of Chinese Nationals to Philippines, Risa Hontiveros Says

Senator Risa Hontiveros exposed the ‘Pastillas’ modus within the Bureau of Immigration that allegedly allows Chinese nationals to enter the Philippines.

On Monday (February 17, 2020), the female lawmaker showed a video of several Chinese nationals being escorted by an immigration officer heading to the Bureau of Immigration’s inner office.

Hontiveros lambasted the BI for allegedly treating Chinese as VIPs, which is not the standard procedure in the country. The senator describes the act as a betrayal to the country and to the Filipino people.

risa hontiveros

The lady politician revealed that the ‘Pastillas’ modus within the BI allows the entry of Chinese nationals in exchange of P10, 000 each. Risa also explained why she called the modus operandi as ‘Pastillas’.

“Tinanong ko bakit pastillas ang tawag. Dati daw kasi, wala pang mga sobre so nilalagay sa bond paper at niro-rolyo na parang pastillas. Ngayon, mas professional na: may sobre parang legit na pasuweldo, may bonus pag perfect attendance, at may pa-lunch pa mula sa mga Chinese,” Hontiveros said.

The lawmaker said that the Chinese nationals pay a service fee of P10,000 to enter the country, according to information. The airport immigration only receives P2,000 from the amount. She also said that corrupt officials might have received around billions of pesos using this modus.

risa hontiveros

“Hindi magiging ganito ka-systematic ang operasyon sa loob ng Bureau of Immigration kung walang padrino ang mga ito. Hindi magiging ganito kagarapal ang mga iligal na POGO operations kung walang protektor at kumikita ng milyon-milyon,” the politician added.

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