E-Sports Gamer Bought Mustang After People Laugh at Him Thinking He Has No Future

E-Sports Gamer Purchased Mustang After People Laugh at Him Thinking He Has No Future in Gaming Industry

A Malaysian E-sports gamer bought a Mustang after people laugh at him thinking that he has no future in gaming.

Nowadays, many teenagers are already hooked on playing various online games. Some young people are already addicted to playing games prompting other people to think that they are lazy.

Several online games have been already included at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. Young gamers participating in the tournament usually earn a huge amount of cash and other awards upon victory.

E-Sports Gamer

Most gamers don’t have a good reputation to the public because most people think that they have no future for spending most of their time playing online games. However, one gamer proved that he can also earn while playing.

A Malaysian e-sports gamer named Faris Zakaria or also known as “Soloz” win a lot of money after joining different gaming competitions. Soloz is earning good money while streaming his PUBG and Mobile Legends gameplays.

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Zakaria also joined SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines with his group Team Bosskurr won Bronze in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang category.

E-Sports Gamer

The 27-year-old gamer wearing slippers entered a showroom and bought a red Mustang from the display. The gamer remains humble despite his success in the gaming industry. Faris considers his new car as a reward for his hard work.

E-Sports Gamer

Often being praised for being down-to-earth, Faris visited the car showroom in a pair of slippers to view a red Ford Mustang GT500 on 28 January. And just one week later, he returned to the showroom to purchase the beauty with his hard-earned money for being an Esports athlete,” the sales clerk said.

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