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What Are The Problems Faced If Meiosis Goes Wrong?

MEIOSIS – In this topic, we are going to know and identigy the following problems faced if meiosis goes wrong.


Meiosis is a process where a single cell divides two times in order to produce more cells which contains half the original amount of genetic information. These. are usually our reproductive cells.

During this process, one cell will divide into two to create four daughter cells called haploids. In this process, the cells divide two times with nine stages split into each of the two process.

What If It Goes Wrong?

If it goes wrong, according to SeattlePi, we will face problems such as:

  • Non-disjunction
    • This is one of the most common errors during this process. IT occurs when the chromosomes fail to separate properly as the cell divides.
  • Frequency in Humans
    • The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that about 15% of all pregnancies end in miscarrieage. Studies of the first trimester of miscarriages have linked at about 60% of the cases to chromosomal abnormalities and 5 to 10% of when a fetus is stillborn.
  • Non-disjunction of Human Reproductive Cells
    • If the extra or missing chromosome is chromosome 23, the results tend to be less severe than the certain chromosomes (Chromosomes 1 to 22 or Autosomes). If non-disjunction of the said chromosomes occur, there will be syndromes such as Klinefelter syndrome and Turner’s syndrome.
  • Non-disjunction of Human Autosomes
    • If autosomes fail to separate properly, the results are commonly fatal and the pregnancy is not carried out.

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