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What Is The Special Feature Of The Upper Mantle? (Answers)

SPECIAL FEATURE OF THE UPPER MANTLE – In this article, we are going to learn more about the upper mantle and the traits that make it unique.

Special Feature Of Upper Mantle - Definitions & Facts
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The mantle is an integral and large part of the interior of the Earth. It starts just beneath the Earth’s crust and ends at the lower mantle.

So what’s so special about it?

According to Wikipedia, one of the unique traits of the upper mantle is its movement.

Due to the temperature differences between the surface of the Earth and outer core the upper mantle has the ability to flow like a fluid. It has a soft and weak layer called the asthenosphere which is capable of flowing.

Because of this, lithospheric plates would be able to move. In addition, the heat generated by the radioactive decay of uranium within the inner core elevates the temperature of Earth’s interior including the mantle.

This then results in the melting of rock material in the upper mantle and causes it to flow like liquid.

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