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What Is Singit In English? (Answers)

SINGIT IN ENGLISH – There are several ways you could translate “singit” from Tagalog to English.

Singit In English: Tagalog-English Translations Of "Singit"
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That is the reason why context is important when translating from one language to another. With this, “singit” could be described as a person’s groin. However, it could also mean a tight or small space.

Here are some example sentences:

  1. Huwag mong kamutin ang iyong singit.
  2. Bawal sumingit sa linya.
  3. Nakasingit ako sa bus kanina habang pauwi ako.
  4. Isinigit ng kapatid ko ang laruan sa shopping cart ni mama.
  5. Magsingit na lang tayo sa linya, may kasama naman tayong senior citizen.

In English, these can be translated to:

  1. Don’t touch your groin.
  2. Cutting the line is not allowed.
  3. I managed to squeeze into the bus as I was going home.
  4. My brother inserted an item into our mom’s shopping cart.
  5. Let’s just cut the line, we have a senior citizen with us.

Meanwhile, the word “nakikisingit” means a person who was just squeezing into a line for someone else.

For example:

Nakikisingit lang po ako para kay Peter, nag CR lang po siya.

This could be translated as:

I’m only standing in line for Peter, he went to the bathroom.

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