Expert Claims Coronavirus is Spread Through the Eyes, Wearing Masks is Useless

Expert Claims Coronavirus is Spread Through the Eyes, Masks is Useless

An expert claims that the deadly coronavirus can be spread through the eyes after he contracted the disease despite wearing a protective mask.

Expert Claims
Image Source: The Sun

Previously, dozens of more cases have been confirmed by health authorities across China and some foreign countries. The outbreak already spread in different countries outside the epicenter of the virus which is Wuhan City, China.

Health experts said that the peak of the outbreak was yet to come. And it is predicted that the health crisis would worsen and the number of patients would spike in February.

Expert Claims

Meanwhile, Dr Wang Guangfa has now theorized the similar coronavirus may be transmitted through the eye after testing positive following an eye infection. Mr. Wang was a leading figure in the fight against the SARS virus that gripped China in 2003.

According to the report of The Sun, the doctor said that he believes he contracted the virus due to not donning protective eyewear. Weeks after he was criticized by some when he contracted the virus.

Mr Wang said: “At that time we were highly vigilant and wore N95 masks. But then I suddenly realised that we didn’t wear protective glasses.”

After returning to Beijing from a visit to the fever clinic in Wuhan – where the virus originated – he developed conjunctivitis in his left eye within hours. The doctor was later struck by a fever, but said he assumed he had the flu after seeing no evidence linking eye infections to the disease in his research.

Expert Claims
Image Source: The Sun

Mr. Wang opted for a coronavirus test that came back positive when flu medicines failed. The expert claims the most likely explanation for this is the respiratory disease is contactable through the eye.

China’s National Health Commission expert, advises medical staff who regularly in contact with infected patients to wear protective eye gear, but the general public should be fine with just face masks.

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1 thought on “Expert Claims Coronavirus is Spread Through the Eyes, Wearing Masks is Useless”

  1. Good News re: CORONA Virus

    1st good News:
    China has developed a testing kit for CoronaVirus & will have it distributed nationwide. It can accurately confirm the presence of coronavirus on any suspect who has fever within 2-3hours. (Don’t know if this will soon be available in our country).

    2nd good news:
    The new coronavirus can’t stand high-temperature environments.
    -CoronaVirus will die in 56’C environment for 30mins.
    -Utensils should be regularly sterilised /disinfected or boiled in 100’C water to totally eliminate all viruses. -eat cooked foods; don’t eat raw foods for the time being.

    3rd good news:
    New coronavirus is easily eradicated by medical grade alcohol.
    -75%alcohol or Chlorine disinfectant can effectively eliminate the coronavirus.
    (Tip: bring alcohol in your bag to regularly disinfect your hands esp while outdoors; use alcohol to sanitize doorknobs in your home if someone develops flu-like symptoms; keep those who get sick inside their bedroom or bring to a doctor immediately).

    According to a research professor’s advice: this winter; those with heating system in the house should keep the indoor temperature above 20’C. Don’t worry about wastage of electricity.
    -Coronavirus can’t survive long in a warm environment. Thus all households should keep the house heating & ventilation system on during this period.
    (Praying that our warmer climate is enough deterrant to its spread here.)

    Thank you.


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