PHOTOS: Giant 13.75-Kilogram Pearl Now On Display In Aklan

Businessman In Aklan Owns Giant 13.75-Kilogram Pearl

GIANT 13.75KG PEARL – A businessman in Aklan displayed his giant 13.75 pearls in his restaurant to help boost the tourism industry of this capital town.

Millions of ladies would say pearl is their favorite piece of jewelry because of simple beauty and durability, but not as strong as diamonds. The Philippines is one of the sources of natural pearls and shells.

Most pearls are found in Palawan. Badjaos are well-known for their diving skills and search for pearls. In a previous article, a Filipino-Canadian collector owns the giant pearl in the world with a whopping worth of $90 million. He said he got the valuable heirloom from his aunt.

Photo Source: @Ay Ri Elle FB

Based on a report from Panay News, a businessman in Aklan named Jiji Flores decided to display his giant 13.75-kilogram pearl to the public to boost the tourism industry of his town. He said a Palawan tribe member gave him the giant treasure in 2011.

“I first thought it was an ordinary stone. In 2016, I began to suspect it was a pearl because of what I am seeing in the news. I decided to have it checked with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. I have decided to display it to the public to help Kalibo in their tourism industry. I am willing to turn over the pearl to the local government if they could guarantee its security,” he said.

Photo Source: @Ay Ri Elle FB

According to the report, Jiji Flores claimed that his pearl was the second heaviest in the country. The Pearl of Allah or “Pearl of Lau Tzu” in Palawan is considered as the largest known pearl in the world.

The businessman named the treasure “Pearl of Berachah,” a biblical word for ‘blessing.’ He said it was given to him as a gift after he helped a member of a tribe.

“I was able to help a member of the tribe that’s why it was given to me. He told me in 2011 that the gem will bring me fortune someday,” Flores said.

The giant pearl is currently displayed in his restaurant.

Photo Source: @Ay Ri Elle FB

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