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What Are The 5 Rivers Of Underworld From Greek Mythology?

GREEK MYTHOLOGY – Here are the five (5) known rivers of the underworld from the Greek Mythology you probably don’t know yet.

In Greek mythology, the underworld is where the souls go after their death. This place is ruled by god Hades and considered as the dark counterpart to the brightness of Mount Olympus.

Greek Mythology

Now, to know more about the Greek underworld, here are the five rivers:

  • STYX
    This is also called as the “River Of Hatred” and the principal river of Hades. The river encircles the Underworld seven times separating from the land of the living. In Greek, the word means hate or abhor and named after the daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys.
    The “River Of Fire” because it goes to the depths of the Underworld in a land where is filled of fire. This river leads to Tartarus where the dead are judged and where the prison of the Titans is located.
    Also known as the “River Of Forgetfulness” and this is where the dead drink from to forget their earthly existence. The river is named after the goddess of forgetfulness who was the daughter of Eris.
    This is known as the “River Of Wailing” where cries and lamentations come from the souls that Charon refused to ferry across Acheron river for they have not received a proper burial. Thus, the river bank of Cocytus becomes their wandering grounds.
    Fed from swampy lake called Acherousia or Acherousian lake, this river is also called as the “River Of Misery”. This is where the Charon transports the dead from the upper to the lower world.


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