Nadine Lustre’s Fans Slam Ricky Lo’s Statement on JaDine Breakup

Fans of Nadine Lustre lambasted Ricky Lo

Fans of Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre lambasted entertainment columnist Ricky Lo due to his statement on JaDine breakup.

Photo Source: ABS-CBN News

Previously, Nadine denied what was stated on Ricky’s article regarding the then-alleged breakup. The actress also criticized the columnist for mentioning her mental situation as well as the death of her brother.

After the ex-couple confirmed the breakup, Ricky released a statement. He fired back to Nadine for previously denying the rumors. The columnist also stressed out that he is used of writing delicate issues and he sees to it that his source is reliable.

Ricky Lo

On the other hand, his statement did not sit well with the fans of Nadine Lustre. On the Twitter post of CNN Philippines regarding the statement of Ricky Lo, fans lambasted the columnist.

Some said that this does not served as a redemption to what he wrote about Nadine. There were fans who said that the columnist just can’t accept that he made a mistake against the actress.

Furthermore, many fans of Nadine stressed out that the bottom line is that Ricky included the mental situation of the actress in his article. Here are some of the comments.

“Ricky Lo used Nadine’s mental situation and her brother’s death, thus Nadine reacted. Anuna 2020 na, hindi mo pa rin matanggap na mali ka Ricky LoW” – Twitter user@LiezlSantos5

“Boomer has no remorse about him using someone’s mental health issues just to produce a juicy article, eh? Someone tell him the end doesn’t justify the means.” – Twitter user @noticeme_zenpai

“Ricky Lo feeling like he redeemed himself lol. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s bullying Nadine and trivializing one’s mental health. Not even a fan of Nadine but I hate self-entitled boomers like Ricky Lo.” – Twitter user @siraudon

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