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What Is Trangkaso In English? (Answers)

TRANGKASO IN ENGLISH – Based on context, there are a lot of ways to translate this word to English. In this article, we will learn more about them and look at some example sentences.

Trangkaso In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of "Trankaso"
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Trangkaso can be translated in English as “flu”. Often times, you could hear a person say “May Trangkaso ako”. However, this could be translated into several things.

  • I have the flu.
  • I am sick.
  • I don’t feel so good.
  • I have a fever.

This is because unlike the English language, there are little words to specify certain diseases. Having the flu is different from having a cold.

However, in Tagalog, there is no specific word for either of the two. Instead, we use the common phrase “Trangkaso” or “lagnat“.

There also times where the word Trangkaso is described as a worsening “lagnat”. When a person has lagnat, it’s like that individual is having a mild fever.

But, when someone is having a “trangkaso”, it’s more serious. It means that the body is fatigued and sick and badly needs rest.

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