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What Is Sayote In English? (Answers)

SAYOTE IN ENGLISH – Admittedly, many Filipinos eat food without even knowing their English terms. That’s because Filipino dishes are too good that we sometimes forget about everything else.

Sayote In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of "Sayote"

One of the things that Filipinos love to put in their foods is Sayote. It’s an all-around vegetable whose name in English eludes most Filipinos.

According to an article from BaguioGuide, the acceptable name for Sayote is generally “Chayote”. (Scientific name is Sechium edule)

In English, it could be translated as “christophine“, “Cho-cho“, “mirilton“,”pear squash“, or “vegetable pear“.

As per the article, here are the common names of Sayote in other languages:

  • fo shou gua – Transcribed Chinese
  • chou-chou – French
  • christofine – French
  • Chayote – German
  • Stachelgurke – German
  • hayato-uri – Japanese Rōmaji
  • chuchu – Portuguese
  • machiche-francês – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • machucho – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • xuxú – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • chayote de monte – Spanish [Sechium edule subsp. sylvestre]
  • chocho – Spanish
  • erizo de monte – Spanish [Sechium edule subsp. sylvestre]
  • pipinela – Spanish
  • tallote – Spanish
  • camochayote – Spanish (Mexico)
  • chinchayote – Spanish (Mexico)
  • cueza – Spanish (Mexico)
  • kayote – Swedish
  • labu siam – Indonesia
  • lóng xü cài – Taiwan
  • iskus – Nepal
  • Chuw Chuw – South India

Sayote is also packed with a lot of health benefits! It’s a great source of Amino Acids and Vitamin C. The plant and most of its parts are also edible.

Photo by Dao Nguyen
(Photo lifted from Archipelago Files)

Almost all parts of the Sayote can be eaten from its fruits, roots, stems, shoots, and leaves. It is also very affordable and is always high in supply.

Read more about the benefits of Sayote here:

SAYOTE: Its Health Benefits And 10 Reasons Why You Should Eat It

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