Saab Magalona Donates Own Milk For Infants Of Taal Eruption Victims

Saab Magalona ready to donate her breast milk for the infants of Taal eruption victims.

SAAB MAGALONA – Singer and blogger Saab Magalona asks help to those who can help send her breast milk donation for the infants of Taal victims.

With the crisis of resident living near Taal volcano as it erupted last Sunday, January 12, help and donations flooded to the affected victims – both animals and people. In an update, the volcano is now starting to emit a larger amount of sulfur dioxide while the condition still not leaving at the Alert Level 4.

Saab Magalona
Image from: Cebu Daily News

Accordingly, it produced an average amount of 4,186 tonnes of sulfur dioxide per day which is a lot higher than the average of 1,686 tonnes per day last Tuesday (January 14). At least 30,000 resident have fled away since a beastly eruption started and a huge blast is feared.

Toxic ash is now knee deep and the once tourist spot has now transformed into broad carpet of lifeless gray. We all know that Taal is one of the most active volcanoes in the country sitting right within the so called Pacific Ring Of Fire.

With the misery, the victims remained hopeful and positive amid the adversity. Celebrities, organizations, and many people have come a long way to extend their help to the victims. People need foods, water, something they could sleep on, facial masks, and other basic necessities, while children and infants need milk and other significant things.

With this, mother of two, singer and blogger Saab Magalona also extended her help through donating her own breast milk for the infants and babies of the victims. She said in a Tweet, “I have breast milk but need help with sending to Batangas! Help!” And through this, she found someone who helped her.


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