Tampo In English: Tagalog To English Translation Of “Tampo”

What Is Tampo In English? (Answers)

TAMPO IN ENGLISH – In this article, we will learn the different translations of the word “Tampo” in English as well as some example sentences.

The most direct translation we could have of “Tampo” would be “Sulking”. However, sulking is a word that doesn’t exactly describe “tampo”.

The use of the word “tampo” in Filipino culture is synonymous isn’t described as heavy as sulking. Often times, tampo is associated with very mild anger.

In conversations, a person’s girlfriend might say “nag tatampo pa ako sa’yo“. This could be translated as the girl being “cold or silent” because of something you did.

Here are some example sentences:

  1. Hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit ka nagtatampo.
  2. Matampuhin ka talaga, joke lang iyon.
  3. Bakit parang bawal akong mag tampo?

In english, this could be translated as:

  1. I don’t know why you’re being so cold. / I don’t know why you’re sulking.
  2. You’re so easily offended, it was only a joke.
  3. Am I not allowed to be silent and sulk?

In addition to this, it’s important in the Filipino culture to assess someone that’s having a “tampo” especially if you’re in a relationship.

Sometimes, tampo’s are just a way to get someones attention. You could also say that if a person is having “tampo“, they are giving the “silent treatment”.

In Summary, if a person is Tampo, they’re either giving you the silent treatment, want attention, or mildly angry at what you did.

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