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AC Experts Says To Stop Using Aircon In Heavy Ashfall

STOP USING AIRCON IN HEAVY ASHFALL – Following the volcanic eruption of Taal Volcano, Concepcion Industrial Corporation urged consumers to stop using air conditioners (ACs) during heavy ashfall.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology had raised Alert Level 4 over Taal Volcano. This meant that Taal had been showing signs that it may soon have a “hazardous explosive eruption”.

In a Facebook post, they addressed concerns regarding whether or not people could use airconditioning during the ashfall.

Is it all right to use my air conditioner during ash fall?

It is all right to use air conditioners (split type/ window air conditioners) during LIGHT ash fall. The air your AC unit uses comes from inside your home, not from the outdoors, so it will not affect your air conditioning unit.

Concepcion Industrial Corporation

But, they stressed that during heavy ashfall, consumers should refrain from using their AC Units. They explained that continued use during Heavy ashfall would clog the AC’s outdoor condenser coil.

Stop Using Aircon In Heavy Ashfall Says Industry Experts
Image from: Concepcion Industrial Corporation

This would then result in overheating of the compressor and the overall air conditioning system. In addition to this, consumers must all also clean their units after the ashfall subsides.

One netizen commented that ash is much different from dust. He added that it is also a different form of sand.

Ash is different from dust and is also different from sand. this ashfall is actually sand-like na.. whether it is light nor heavy, better be safe.. stop using ur airconditioning unit…

-Jaworski Garcia

So how do you measure light ashfall?

In the comment section Conception Industrial Corporation said that generally, heavy ashfall accumulates a 0.5-inch thickness.

Following their comment, other netizens also shared that heavy ashfall could accumulate 1.5-inches of thickness within 2 hours.

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