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Smart Cat Using Bed As He Lands Goes Viral Online (VIDEO)

SMART CAT LANDS USING BED – It’s no surprise that cats are one of the smartest house pets you could have. They require little to no potty training and are one of the best athletes.

Smart Cat Lands Using Bed Goes Viral Online (VIDEO)
Image from: La Gran Epoca

However, cats are also known to be creatures of comfort. Often times, they would opt to sleep on soft and comfy beds and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

This would definitely be the case for this particular cat. Not only does it like to sleep on a comfy bed, it even lands on it when he jumps from high places.

A video posted by La Gran Epoco showed a cat that was on the top of the cabinet shelf. The little furball was about to make a long leap towards the table.

There was something peculiar about the cat. Not only was it preparing for a daring jump, but it also was also carrying its bed with it in its mouth.

Smart Cat Lands Using Bed Goes Viral Online (VIDEO)
Image from: La Gran Epoca

The bed looked like a soft and comfy spot to nap in for any cat. It was big enough to fit this daredevil of a cat.

Now, some would say that the jump wasn’t that high or that any cat could’ve done that jump easily. Others would say that they’ve seen a cat jump from a building to the pavement safely.

However, this cat was carrying his own bed and jumped with it and landed perfectly snug in it. It was like seeing an Olympic sport but with a cat instead.

El gato da un salto de fe

Un aterrizaje seguro 😸Crédito: JukinVideo

Posted by La Gran Epoca on Thursday, January 3, 2019

The video posted quickly went viral garnering over 56 thousand reactions and was shared almost 30 thousand times. Netizens also flocked the comment section to share their thoughts.

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