Still Unidentified Suspects Shot Retired Police General in Pangasinan

RETIRED POLICE GENERAL – A retired police was shot by two (2) still unidentified suspects in Pangasinan.

Every day, several families are left crying for justice by the unexpected attacks that took their loved ones’ lives. Some cases are viewed as work-related while in others’, the root points more on personal issues.

The victims were not only politicians, drug personalities, and ordinary citizens, there were also several policemen who fell victims to the plot. Some were on service when the incidents took place while others are already retired.

Retired Police General

Recently, in Pangasinan, a retired police general was shot by two (2) still unidentified suspects. The victim was identified as retired Police Brigadier Gen. Marlou Chan.

The incident specifically took place in Barangay Nalsian in Calasiao town in Pangasinan. Based on the initial investigation of the police, the retired cop was driving his pick-up when the attack was lodged.

The suspects were aboard a motorcycle. Based on the report, they shot Chan while he was driving and he was rushed to the hospital.

The medical experts treated the retired cop but he did not make it. The police authorities are currently investigation the incident. A dragnet operation is now ongoing.

Furthermore, the Pangasinan Provincial Police Office has also built a special investigative task group to focus on the case. Chan reportedly served as the provincial director of Pangasinan Police in 2013. More updates may be posted soon.

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