Masipag In English: Tagalog – English Translation Of “Masipag”

What Is “Masipag” In English? (Answers)

MASIPAG IN ENGLISH – In this article, we will learn what the English translation of the Tagalog word “masipag” is and some examples of its use.

Masipag In English: Tagalog - English Translation Of "Masipag"

There are many Tagalog words that we want to translate into English. However, most Tagalog words won’t have direct translations.

Instead, we could use the context of how the word is used in order for us to get an accurate translation.

In English, we could translate the word “Masipag” as “hardworking”. Here are some examples of its use.

Si Byul ay isang masipag na bata. In english, this would be translated as “Byul is a hardworking kid”.

However, masipag could also be used to describe somebody who is industrious or strenuous depending on the context.

Take this sentence for example:

“Si Mark ay isang masipag na estudyante”. You can translate this sentence in different ways.

The sentence above could be translated as “Mark is a very hardworking student” or “Mark studies very hard”.

In the second derivation of the word, we used the verb “studies” because when people say “Masipag na estudyante”, they often mean that the student is studying hard.

Here are some more examples of its uses!

Mag pasalamat tayo kay Ned dahil sa masipag niya na paggawa ng props.

This could be translated as:
“We should thank Ned for his hard work making props.”

In some cases, masipag could also be translated as “diligent”. Here is an example according to Glosebe.

Oo, magagawa natin iyan kung magiging regular tayo at masipag sa lahat ng pitak ng ating pagsamba.

This means, “Yes, by being regular and diligent in all aspects of our worship.”

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