Lucky Colors & Symbols for 2020 (Year of the Rat)

Here are some of the Lucky Colors & Symbols for 2020

YEAR OF THE METAL RAT – Here are the lucky colors and symbols that could allegedly give us luck for the upcoming year 2020.

Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve are the happiest celebration in the Philippines that brings an unexplainable joy to the people. Most Filipinos were conducting different parties until New Year’s Day.

Filipino people were making long preparations and buying grocery products, fruits, firecrackers, fireworks, and other lucky items for the upcoming year. Most of us believe that certain colors and symbols would bring good luck to the home.

Lucky Colors

People are already seeking advice and tips from “Feng Shui” experts for the upcoming year of the Metal Rat. Experts believe that changing several home decorations would give a fortune to people.

Here are some of the lucky colors and symbols for 2020:


  • RED

It brings friendship and networking luck. People believe that red is the most powerful color to attract customers and clients.


It represents intelligence, creativity, stability, and patience. It is also associated with the Imperial Authority.


It signifies wealth and financial success because white is associated with the metal element. It also represents money.

  • BLUE

This color represents less danger


It signifies flowing water and also represents change and swift communication


  • Pink and White Blossoms
  • Red Packets Filled With Money
  • Yellow Chrysanthemums
  • Kam Kuat Orange Plants
  • Gold on Red Calligraphy
  • Red Lanterns

What can you say about these colors and symbols? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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