Lambanog Maker Face Possible Charges For Deaths

Maker Of Lambanog Responsible For Deaths May Face Possible Criminal Charges

LAMBANOG MAKER FACE POSSIBLE CHARGES – The backyard distillery that produced the lambanog or palm wine that caused at least 11 deaths may face possible criminal charges.

Lambanog Maker Face Possible Charges For Deaths
Image from: New York Post

After the deadly incident, the mayor said that the sale of lambanog has been suspended by the local government. Following this, a critical patient has been put in the intensive care unit of the Philippine General Hospital and would undergo dialysis.

According to the hospital’s spokesman, there were 43 patients that experienced symptoms after drinking lambanog. Meanwhile, 17 others who drank the same drink are being monitored. The youngest of whom was 13 and the eldest was 75.

Based on a report from ABS-CBN, Health Secretary Franciso Duque III cited last year’s alcohol poisoning due to lambanog. This incident left 15 dead in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

In an interview with DZMM, Duque stated: “Alam naman nila yan eh, last year nangyari yan, ba’t gumawa pa sila when in the past meron nang ganyang information“.

He added that the PNP is investigating the incident. The Health Secretary also said that he thinks the lambanog maker would be charged with reckless imprudence leading to homicide.

In a previous article, “Rey Lambanog” was known to be the maker of the alcoholic drink that poisoned hundreds. This has been prohibited by the FDA from being used as an extender for ethanol or legal alcohol.

The owner of the 4-decade old wine brand, Fred Rey, went to the police on Monday but claimed innocence over the deaths. Meanwhile, the retailer of the Lambanog got ill and has yet to give her statement.

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