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New Type of Poisonous Spider That ROTS Human Flesh w/ Single Bite Found By Experts in Mexico

A group of scientists in Mexico discovered a new type of poisonous spider that rots human flesh with a single bite.

A new type of venomous spider called “Loxosceles Tenochtitlan” has been discovered by researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in the city of Tlaxcala, Central Mexico.

UNAM said that the biologist and university professor Alejandro Valdez-Mondragon together with some of his students Claudia Navarro, Karen Solis, Mayra Cortez, and Alma Juarez found the insect living in household furniture and fabrics.

Poisonous Spider

The researchers’ analysis revealed that the beast is native to the Valley of Mexico region. The insect’s venom could cause vast lesions of dead flesh up to 14 inches, according to the field experts.

Professor Mondragon explained that the newly-discovered type of spider is very similar to the ‘Loxosceles Misteca’ but eventually realized that the two species are completely different. He also said people can avoid this type of spider by keeping a clean and neat house.

‘We provide them with the temperature, humidity and food to establish themselves in our homes, which puts us at risk of having an accident with them, although they also perform an important ecological function when feeding on insects,’ Mondragon said.

Poisonous Spider

The experts described the insect as a recluse spider with eight legs that can be usually found between objects, holes, walls, and furniture.

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