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Fishermen In Floating Fridge Rescued Off The Gulf Of Mexico

FISHERMEN IN FLOATING FRIDGE – What are the safety essentials when it comes to traveling the sea?

Most would say that one of the most important things to have is a life vest. However, have you ever considered bringing a fridge with you?

Fishermen In Floating Fridge Rescued After Boat Sinks
Image from: Unilad

Recently, two fishermen were rescued after getting inside a fridge when their boat sank off the Gulf of Mexico. The crew members were on a vessel called, Adriana that came from the San Pedro area of Tabasco on December 5.

A day later, authorities received a report that Adriana was seen half-sunk. After receiving the information, the authorities quickly activated their rescue protocols.

They sent out a ship named “defender” to look for the crew. Along with this, they were also accompanied by a helicopter that scouted the crew of the sunken ship from the air.

According to an article from Unilad, the two fishermen managed to climb into a floating fridge to avoid drowning in the salty ocean. The fridge didn’t have a door so it was a perfect makeshift boat.

But, it was still unclear if the fridge came from the ship or whether the crew miraculously found it in bubbling across the ocean. Still, it proved to be an essential tool that helped keep the fishermen afloat.

Fishermen In Floating Fridge Rescued After Boat Sinks
Image from: Unilad

Mexico’s Marine Secretary shared footage of one of the rescuers swimming through the waves towards the fridge. Their makeshift vessel was then pulled toward the defender and the fishermen were lifted to safety.

The local media that covered the story said that the two men were taken to a port where an ambulance was waiting for them. They were taken to the Navy Hospital for treatment.

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