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What Could Left Side Abdominal Pain Possibly Mean

LEFT SIDE ABDOMINAL PAIN – Having this kind of pain is one of the main reasons that people seek medical treatment.

Left Side Abdominal Pain - What Could It Mean? (Answers)
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It could be an indication of anything from a pulled muscle to a very life-threatening case. Here’s how you could identify the type of abdominal pain.

Diverticulitis – This is defined as inflammation of the pockets in the wall of the colon. It is one of the most common sources of left lower abdomen pain.

In serious cases, it could lead to bleeding, infection, or blockages. Diagnosis requires a physical examination, lab, and images testing.

Colitis – Its symptoms appear gradually compared to diverticulitis. According to an article from The Healthy, it can be caused by infections, food poisoning, or poor blood supply.

Gastritis – This is a term used to describe the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It can be due to several factors that include infection, regular use of pain relievers or other medication.

In some cases, this could also lead to ulcers. It is also one of the most common causes of upper abdominal pain.

Indigestion – Having this can result from underlying issues like anxiety, reaction to medication, pregnancy or disease.

Fortunately, there are a lot of over-the-counter medications available to treat this. However, doctors believe that changing your diet is the most effective course of action.

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