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Internet Companies Ready To Battle Against “Deepfakes”

INTERNET COMPANIES – Internet companies are currently prepared to battle against deepfakes or manipulated videos.

Image from: The Guardian

Months ago, social media giant Facebook made a collaboration with Microsoft in making the “Deepfake Detection Challenge”.

Deepfake refers to videos that are well manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI).

The two giants hired researchers to construct deepfake videos in order to make a tool to detect the said videos. This is in line to the possibility that these will be used to hinder the upcoming 2020 U.S. Elections.

Google earlier released new data in order to aid the said researchers in detecting the said videos. The giant’s child Jigsaw said that they made thousands of deepfakes from the publicly available deepfake generation methods.

According to ABS-CBN News, the search for the said tool to spot these videos gained urgency. Giants like YouTube or Facebook’s social media platforms are the possible platforms that someone will spread false media widely.

Subbarao Kambhampati, a professor of computer science at Arizona State University said that to detect what is real and what is not is still a challenge even with current tech.

Proof that these deepfakes exists lies at various instances in Brazil, Gabon, and China. For instance, the government in Gabon showed a proof-of-live video of their president, who was outside the country for medical purposes. The governments’ opponents claimed it was fake. This is an example of what experts call the “liar’s dividend”

Based on the report, Nick Dufour of Google’s deepfake research, disclosed that we can already see the material effect that the said videos have had, further saying that these allow people to claim the said video evidence that would possible be convincing that it’s a fake, on the other hand.

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