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Answers To The Question: What Is Information Literacy

INFORMATION LITERACY – In this article, we will learn and discover more about what this field of study really is.

Information Literacy - What Is Information Literacy? (Answers)
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Information Literacy is the set of abilities that are used and encompasses the reflective discovery of information. It also covers the understanding of how information is produced and used.

With the collection and discovery of new information, it can be done processed into knowledge. This can then be used for the benefit of all in various aspects of the study.

So what does it take for one to become Information Literate? Well, according to an article from Otterbein, here is what you need to do.

To become information literate, one must first be able to recognize when information is needed. Adding to this, the individual must know how to locate said information.

However, locating the information is just a small part of it. The majority of the work is actually in evaluating and using the said information effectively.

As per the article, Information Literacy has 2 aspects. They are as follows:

  • In its narrowest sense information literacy includes the practical skills involved in the effective use of information technology and information resources
  • It is a liberal art which reaches beyond technical skills and is conceived as the critical reflection on the nature of information itself

Along with this, a person must need to learn the following:

  • Tool Literacy
    • the ability to use print and electronic resources including software
  • Resource Literacy
    • The ability to understand the form, format, location and access methods of information resources
  • Research Literacy
    • The ability to understand and use information technology tools to carry out research including discipline-related software.

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