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What Are The Following Uses Of Sound Energy? (Answers)

USES OF SOUND ENERGY – In this topic, we will now know and identify some of the following uses of sound energy.

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Sound energy, according to Solarschools, is an energy movement via a substance like air or water in the form of waves. This energy is the result by a force that causes an object or substance to vibrate.

Sound can be transmitted by solids, liquids, and gasses in the form of waves.

Here are some of its uses, according to Fire2fusion:


  • Medical
    • The waves are used when performing a treatment via ultrasound, which is primarily used to cure major diseases such as cancers and tumors.
  • Industry
    • Like in the medical field, ultrasounds are also used to identify flaws on machinery in any industry. It is also used to measure the thickness of pipes, may it be metal or plastic.
  • Shipping Industry
    • The shipping industry use sound energy in the form of devices with SONAR or SOund Navigation And Ranging. It is primarily used to locate fishes, enemy ships, submarines, and underwater obstacles.
  • Music Industry
    • Of course, associated with sound is music. It is based on sound waves generated by musical instruments and amplifiers where a large amount of this energy is being used.
  • Animals
    • Animals use sound to communicate their kin. Bats, for example, use ultrasonic waves to look for obstacles while flying in the dark.
  • Science
    • Whistles and other devices producing ultrasounds were produced by scientists. The waves can be converted to electric energy.

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