Kadenang Ginto: Romina Finds Out Robert & Daniela Mondragon’s Secret

Kadenang Ginto Trends As Robert & Daniela Mondragon’s Secret Reached Romina

KADENANG GINTO – Romina Andrada-Mondragon found out the secret of her husband, Robert Mondragon, and stepdaughter, Daniela Mondragon.

Currently, one of the television series that has hooked a lot of people is the ABS-CBN afternoon drama series Kadenang Ginto. It is top-billed by Beauty Gonzalez who plays as Romina Andrada-Mondragon, Albert Martinez as Robert Mondragon, and Dimples Romana as Daniela Mondragon.

Kadenang Ginto
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Romina and Robert are a couple while Daniela is his daughter with his former wife. Romina is in the pursuit of finding the person who did something ill to her which resulted to her getting pregnant.

While she was seeking for justice for what happened to her, she did not know that it was actually Robert who did it to her. He was initially ready to admit it to her but the plane-crash incident happened.


When he got back, Robert was determined to tell the truth to Romina after putting everything in its proper place. His decision is final amid Daniela stopping him and worrying about what will happen to her and her daughter.

In the latest episode of Kadenang Ginto, Romina Andrada-Mondragon found out the secret of Robert Mondragon and Daniela Mondragon even before he had the chance to tell her. She was about to go to their renewal of vows when the justice she was looking for came to her.

Romina broke down. Robert was waiting for her at the venue of their renewal of vow and determined to tell her the truth. On her part, Daniela was still convincing her father not to.

The said episode made the TV series trend on social media again. Currently, many await what will happen next as the teaser showed that Romina still went to the venue and confronted Robert in front of all their guests.

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