Miles Ocampo Sides With Sharlene San Pedro Against Alexa’s Claims

MILES OCAMPO – Alexa Ilacad’s fellow “Goin Bulilit” child actress, Miles Ocampo said that she believed that Sharlene San Pedro is innocent.

Miles Ocampo Defends Sharlene San Pedro Against Alexa's Claims
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Recently, Alexa Ilacad claimed that she was bullied by her former co-stars on “Goin’ Bulilit”. One of those named was Sharlene San Pedro.

She stated that she was shocked when she woke up and saw that her co-stars were ganging up on her on twitter. “Actually, yung iba naman talaga dun, Goin’ Bulilit pa lang, binu-bully na ako“, said the actress.

The 19-year-old celebrity was disappointed with Sharlene considering she treated her like her best friend. She also said Nash was the one who commanded her to do that.

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Sharlene finally broke her silence regarding Alexa Ilacad’s bullying accusations during her interview with ABS-CBN reporter MJ Felipe. She revealed the reason why she kept silent about the issue.

Along with this, Miles stated that Sharlene is a good person. According to a report from ABS-CBN, Miles said that Alexa was quick to spout her claims.

Miles Ocampo Defends Sharlene San Pedro Against Alexa's Claims
Image From: ABS-CBN | YouTube

Ang bilis naman po kasi magbitaw ng salita. Basta ako po kilala ko po si Sharlene, kilala ko po ang beshie ko at proud ako sa kanya kasi alam kong napakabuting tao niya“, said Miles.

With regard to Alexa’s bullying claims, she said that she doesn’t have a comment on that issue. She added that the industry they’re in is so small that they’re bound to run into each other.

Sabi ko nga po kanina, napakaliit ng industriya natin, magkakasalubong at magkakasalubong tayo at mahirap na mayroon tayong sinasabi na against sa isa’t isa na hindi rin natin alam kung totoo ba o hindi. Kapag ganun, wala na lang pong comment kasi ang liit lang po ng industriya natin

Miles Ocampo

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