VIDEO: Strange Red Smoke Spotted Off Tawi-Tawi Coast

Strange Red Smoke Rises From Ocean

STRANGE RED SMOKE – A netizen shared a video of the strange red smoke coming out from the waters of Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

Nowadays, people can now easily share or connect with other people through social media. Aside from bringing us together, it also benefited every one of us because it gives us information or real-time alerts and warnings.  

In October, a hot and black substance was spotted coming out a crack after the strong earthquake that hits Mindanao. The powerful tremor has damaged several buildings and injured numbers of people.

Some of the earthquake incidents are related to volcanoes due to the movement of magmas. The hot fluid exerts pressure on the rocks below that’s why the land shakes or cracks.

Photo Source: Mirror

Recently, a Facebook user named Louisa Amilusin has shared a video of a strange red smoke coming out from the ocean. It was spotted on the coast of Bongao in Tawi-Tawi.

The suspicious red smoke caught the attention of the residents and said it seemed that something was burning beneath it.

Photo Source: @Luoisa Amilusin FB

Based on a report from GMA News, the coast in Tawi-Tawi still releases red smoke. The residents speculated that there might be an active submarine or underwater volcano on that location. The authorities were already informed about the situation.

There are thousands of underwater volcanoes in the worlds and most of them have not been explored. This natural phenomenon could reduce water’s density or sink ships.

Watch the video below:

We can all hope that the red smoke in Tawi-Tawi won’t bring harm to anyone. The resident should stay away from it and avoid in contact with the gasses or fumes.  

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