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Summary Of Magnifico – A Film About The Boy Who Changed Lives

SUMMARY OF MAGNIFICO – In this topic, we will now know and read the summary of Magnifico, a film about a boy who changes everyone’s lives.

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Magnifico is a drama film in 2003 which stars Jiro Manio, who portrays the titular character, Lorna Tolentino, Albert Martinez, Gloria Romero, and more.

Here is the summary of the film:

In a village there is a boy named Magnifico, nicknamed Ikoy. He is a special kid who can change the lives of everyone he meets. He is a child from a poor family: his dad (Gerry) do odd jobs; his mom (Edna) spent her days tending Ikoy’s sister (Helen), and grandmother (Magda), who suffers from diabetes and pancreatic cancer. Ikoy is sweet and shows good intentions, which her father berated, calling him unintelligent, in contrast to his cleverness.

He encounters several people, which he changed live with his gifts of hope, determination, and love: a grief-stricken man who mourns for his mother; two feuding shop owners; the crabby old woman who runs the mortuary; his elder brother, who has a crush on a wealthy girl; his little sister, Helen, who has cerebral palsy; and his grandmother Magda, in which the family fears that they cannot give her a proper burial.

Ikoy did a number of these tasks: preparing a remedy for the mortician’s ailments, playing matchmaker for his love struck brother, industriously scheming to provide a burial gown and coffin for his grandmother, and negotiating a wheelchair so he can take his invalid sister to the carnival. Ikoy, albeit the drastic situation’s he faced in life, manages to find solutions to every problem. His efforts all paid off at the night of the big carnival.

One day, Ikoy met with a person whose life he changed. this went a drastic turn when he got hit by a car and died. His family mourned for his death and used the coffin Ikoy built for his grandmother for him. His friends, family, and the people he touched reminisced the moment of his kindness.

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