Firefighters Made A Toddler Calm By Letting It Paint Their Nails

Firefighters Let Toddler Paint Their Nails to Make It Calm After Car Accident

Two Firefighters arrived at the scene of a car crash incident in Utah, USA, when they saw a toddler screaming. What they did to make the toddler calm inspires many.

According to the article of, the two-year-old toddler named “Braelyn Fernelius” must have been shocked after a car accident with her pregnant mom. The mom and the daughter had been their way to visit Braelyn’s grandmother.

Two first firefighters responded was Capt. Kevin Lloyd and Battalion Chief Allen Hadley. They assess the situation and saw that it was a minor accident and no one is injured.

However, they could not ignore the upset Braelyn who was screaming, with her mom feeling distraught about the situation.

Firefighters Made
Photo Lifted Facebook: North Davis Fire District

Lloyd approached the toddler and noticed the nail polish she was holding. Jocelyn told that she had grabbed the bottles of nail polish before they left the house.

Based on the article, Lloyd asked her about the nail polish, he opened the bottle and the little girl began to calm down as she painted his nails in purple. Hadley joined in the manicure session and got pink nails.

It took only minutes before Braelyn was pacified. “Every time she switched colors, she would just let out this boisterous laugh and just be excited,” Hadley said in the report.

The North Davis Fire District posted pictures of Braelyn’s work: glittery nail polish that went beyond their fingernails. The said post garnered praises from the netizens.

Besides Jocelyn getting to relax, the responders enjoyed their time with Braelyn. “She’s adorable,” Lloyd said. “We asked if we could keep her.”

Braelyn has found a new willing customer too in her own dad, Brandyn Fernelius. He said in the report, ”She’s never painted anyone’s nails before, and now she asks me all the time since Friday (the day of the accident).”

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