OFW Reports Siblings Who Make 90-Year-Old Mom Sleep Under Stairs

OFW Reports Her Siblings For Mistreating Their Mother

MARIA SOCORRO MAGBANUA – An OFW was shocked after learning that her siblings were mistreating their 90-year-old mother and left her sleeping under the stairs.

OFW Reports Siblings Who Make 90-Year-Old Mom Sleep Under Stairs
Image from: Raffy Tulfo In Action | YouTube

Magbanua came to Raffy Tulfo in Action along with her son, Joven, to report her siblings who mistreat her mother, Socorro Melgar. The OFW worked in Kuwait to support her family and her mother.

However, when she discovered the state her mother was in, she quickly scheduled a flight back to the Philippines. Maria was furious with her brother, Bobby Melgar, who was supposed to care for their mother.

This was because Maria found out that Bobby was making their mother sleep under the stairs in his home. But, when Maria’s kid was visiting the house, he found his grandma washing Bobby’s clothes.

Adding to this, there was a time when their mother was confined in the hospital. But, none of her siblings came to visit and care for her.

Tulfo was also left furious when he learned about what happened. When they called Bobby on the phone, they had a heated fight.

According to Bobby, their mom was left sleeping under the stairs because his house was very small. He also said that their mother was the one who even suggested it.

However, Maria denied his claims. She said that she had talked with her mother beforehand about the mistreatments.

Maria also said that her siblings were giving their mother medication that wasn’t prescribed by her doctors. She claimed that her mother was being given an iron supplement which is bad for people with diabetes.

Watch Maria Socorro’s heartbreaking plea here:

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