Motorist Without Helmet Pushes Motorcycle To Avoid Violation Earned Various Reactions

Video of a Motorist That Pushes His Motorcycle to Avoid Violation of Not Wearing Helmet

The video of a motorist pushing his motorcycle in the midst of the road to avoid violation of not wearing helmet went viral and earned various reactions online.

Motorist Without Helmet

Nowadays, the Duterte administration is implementing stricter traffic rules and regulations to ensure the safety of both motorists and pedestrians. The government also aims to address traffic problems in the country.

Traffic enforcers are tasked to control the flow of traffic along the road and to apprehend offenders who committed traffic violations. You can see them in every corner and along the highway where many motorists pass by.

But many motorists are stubborn and are not following the traffic laws. Some motorist riding motorcycle without proper gear, just like helmets and other protective gears.

Recently, a Facebook page named “RidertechPH” has shared a video of a motorist pushing his motorcycle along the way to avoid the violation of not wearing a helmet.

In the video, it can be seen that their traffic enforcers are in the middle of their operation and this motorcycle rider without helmet pushes his motorcycle to avoid the penalty when he got caught by the enforcers.

The motorcycle rider outsmarted the enforcers because he pushes his motorcycle until he passes the enforcers.

The video uploaded on Facebook earned various reactions from the netizens:

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