Barangay Treasurer Arrested For Gambling Away Salary Of Brgy. Officials

Barangay Treasurer Arrested For Betting Salary Of Fellow Officials

BARANGAY TREASURER – A barangay treasurer from San Isidro, Iriga City, Camarines Sur was arrested for betting the salary of fellow barangay officials.

Barangay Treasurer Arrested For Gambling Away Salary Of Brgy. Officials
Image from: ABS-CBN

Based on police reports, the treasurer, Gabriel Vargas, came to the police to report that he was a victim of a robbery hold-up. Afterward, the authorities checked the CCTV footage.

The police reviewed the footage seen close to the area where Vargas was robbed. However, it appeared as though he was doing something suspicious.

Tatlong beses siya pabalik-balik sa area, may kausap siya sa telepono. Nagduda kami. Sabi ko, kung hoholdapin ka sa isang lugar, dapat isang pasada lang, isang daan ka lang“, said Police Lt. Col. Elmer Mora.

Based on reports from ABS-CBN, the CCTV footage also showed that after Vargas was done talking on the phone, he was smashed in the head with a rock.

But, police have apprehended the suspect that hit Vargas with a rock. There, they found out that he was paid five thousand pesos to pretend to rob Vargas.

“Siya pala ay binayaran ng five thousand para siya ay holdapin kunwari, pukpukin siya sa ulo para mawalan siya ng malay at matumba then kunin daw yung bag. Yun ang instruction sa kanya, eh“, said Mora.

The robbery hold-up case was filed by Vargas after he gambled away P275,000 of other barangay official’s salaries. Based on reports, he was beaten in the cock derby twice.

The suspect that “robbed” Vargas was known to be Jimmy Padayao. Vargas has been working as an official in San Isidro for a long time.

However, the other barangay officials are already poised to file charges against Vargas. The barangay treasurer is now faced with obstruction of justice.

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