Kind Security Guard Feeds & Take Care of Stray Animals

Kind Security Guard Feeding & Taking Care of Stray Animals Earns Praises Online

A kind security guard identified as Mr. Fidel Patlingrao goes viral after feeding and taking care of stray animals regularly for three years already.

A Facebook user named Gretel RB has shared the photos of a good hearted man who feeds and take care of stray animals. Fidel Patlingrao who is working as a security guard regularly feeds street dogs and cats every 4:00 pm.

Patlingrao is visiting the poor dogs and cats using his bicycle and joyfully feeding them before his duty for the past three years. The guard is worrying that the animals located at Happy Valley in Cebu City would starve.

Kind Security Guard

The good-hearted man used to work in the area but he was reassign near White Gold. He usually buy foodscraps from carenderias and deliver it to his furry friends. His love and compassion for animals is truly amazing.

Here is the full post:

“SECURITY GUARD FEEDS STRAY ANIMALS REGULARLY FOR 3 YEARS ALREADY.Let’s continue the cycle of kindness please help Mr Fidel feed and take care of his furry friends.🙏

In a world overflowing with selfish & cruel intentions, this special man proves it’s Time to Make Kindness the New Normal❤.Indeed it takes a very selfless man to care for others despite overlooking his personal needs.

Meet Mr.FIDEL PATLINGRAO, a security guard with the biggest hearts for street animals.

He comes in his bicycle with a joyful soul feeding poor dogs and cats regularly every 4pm before his work for the past 3 years already in Happy Valley Cebu City.

He used to work in the area but was reassigned in a location near White Gold.Worried the animals will starve after him leaving his previous workplace, he made a commitment to ensure their tummies are always full. He lives in Talamban and buy foodscraps from carenderias then happily delivers the meals to his furry friends who wait excitedly for his arrival.

For a man who also thrives to survive yet is so compassionate for another hungry beings,his sincerity simply can not be questioned.

Salute to you Sir.Please know what you do matters.Thank you so much.We certainly wish your good deeds bring you a full abundant life. ❤🙏

These are photos taken by different people on different days.”

Kind Security Guard

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