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Here are the MOST IN DEMAND jobs for 2020

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and hiring managers listed these occupations as the MOST IN DEMAND jobs for 2020.

in demand jobs 2020
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Physical Therapist

Martin Luenendonk, the co-founder and CEO of Cleverism said, “today, people require physical rehabilitation, pain management, and mobility assistance to function properly, so physical therapists, already ranked 20th in the 100 Best Jobs, will be in demand even more in 2020.”

In-home caregiver

Mike Flair, VP of Franchise Business Solutions at Right at Home said that by 2026, 4.2 million more in-home caregivers are needed. This job is a highly regarded career opportunity.

Veterinarian, vet tech, and vet aide

“The business of animals continues to grow, and in the United States, people often treat their pets like family members,” Heather Ishikawa, SVP at Caliper shared. People could expect next year that this will be one of the most in-demand jobs.

Digital and video marketer

In the tech-driven time, jobs concerning this aspect also have great value.  Steve Pritchard, CEO at Checklate, predicted that there will be a huge demand in the digital and video marketing next year.

Social media marketer

Social media platforms are widely-used now for marketing purposes. According to Debora Rowland, VP of Human Resources at CareerArc, this kind of job does not exist five years ago but now it has a primary role to any thriving business, including the jobs of marketing automation and growth marketing influencer.

Senior developer, computer engineer, data scientist, and DevOps analyst

Tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and countless tech startups are hiring these in-demand tech positions about as fast as they can, according to Ilya Brotzky, CEO of VanHack. These companies are having help from companies in North America and they hire more than 750 tech professionals from around the world. Brotzky added that these jobs will not only be in-demand for tech companies because almost companies now are now going towards technology.

Commercial drone pilot

According to the executives at SkyOp, the field of commercial drone pilots will take a higher notch in 2020. “While the need for commercial drone pilots has grown in recent years, the Federal Aviation Administration is predicting the demand for commercial UAV pilots will quadruple by 2020, with more than 300,000 new pilots needed to meet future demand,” the company stated, based on the article from Reader’s Digest.

Cybersecurity project manager

This job will become one of the most in-demand jobs next year and there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021, according to Tony Varco, vice president at the global security company Convergint Technologies.

Financial tech professional

Jobs in financial services will grow 11 percent by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This supports the statement of Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit, who observed that in 2020, the financial sector’s average job growth will outpace that of other industries.

Lawyer, paralegal, and legal-support staff

“These positions are being sought by law firms and corporate legal departments as litigation is driving much of the hiring within the legal field,” Brandi Britton, district president of Robert Half said.

Security, fire, and service technicians

This job involves the installation of security systems, burglar alarms, fire alarms, access control, and CCTV and this will be in-demand next year.

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