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What Are The Three Principles Of Exercise?

THREE PRINCIPLES OF EXERCISE – In this topic, we will now learn and discuss the three principles of exercise.

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An exercise is any activity which uses our human body in order to strengthen, enhance or maintain fitness and overall health and wellness.

One can do exercise to a certain part of the body for various reasons such as jump height, muscular strength, flexibility, and more.

Like most things, even exercise has its own basic principles and there are three of them so here are the 3 basic principles of exercise:

  • Principle of Specficity
    • This refers to doing a specific exercise to a certain part of your body you want to cage. For example, when you want to have a stronger core, do crunches or plank; or for stronger arms push-ups or use dumbbells.
  • Principle of Overload
    • This principle suggests that you have to overload the body or do way more exercise than usual as long as you have the capacity to handle the overload.
  • Principle of Progression
    • The main idea of this principle is to eventually progress the exercise over time to constantly making more adaptations. Firstly, your body has to get used to a certain condition. Over time your body gets used to the condition that it can do things without breaking a sweat.

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