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Answers To The Question: What Is Synectics?

SYNECTICS – In this article, we will learn what synectics is as well as its importance.

Synectics is actually an approach to problem-solving. It focuses on developing critical thinking.

Synectics - What Is Synectics And Its Importance?
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Often times it is done among small groups of people that have diverse experience and skills. This method is done mostly by skunkworks and other cross-functional teams.

The aim of this method is to explore problems. Not only that, its goal is also to retain new and abstract information.

With this, creative solutions can be produced by breaking from the norm or previously perceived mindsets. Based on an article from WhatIs, Synectics came from the Greek word “synectikos”.

This word means bringing different things into unified connections. The method was developed in the 1950s by George M. Prince and William J.J. Gordon.

Synectics - What Is Synectics And Its Importance?
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They created the method while working in the Arthur D. Little Design Unit. This is a consulting practice that offers aid for companies developing new products.

Gordon realized that some of their meetings were more productive than others. He attributed this more to the dynamics of the team rather than the participants.

In order for them to understand the dynamics, they documented thousands of hours of their product development meetings. Afterward, they used the footage to develop a method that followed the styles of successful inventors.

Synectics draws out products from both the right brain and the left brain. The right brain is said to be the dreamer, while the left is the reasoner.

Synectics - What Is Synectics And Its Importance?
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This approach utilizes the creativity of the right brain and develop that creativity into a plausible idea using the left brain. It breaks ideas apart and reassembles them to attain new insight.

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